Most Reliable Fleet Services in Sunbury

Depending on the business model, nature of operations and services, several organisations have allied activities happening simultaneously that require a steady fleet service. The kind of vehicle varies from passenger cars, luxury cars, mini vans, trucks, lorries and so on, based on the need. Some of the common sectors that hire a fleet service are hotels for the picking up and dropping of guests, tour operators for guided tours and recreation, product-based organisations for deliveries and so on. Such businesses are in constant requirement of a steady fleet as it facilitates their operations, improves efficiency, brings in revenue and is hassle-free.

Auto Lube Service and Repair Centre in Sunbury is a leading automobile service and repairs station. Accredited by VACC, we are known for our exemplary services including all mechanical and electrical repairs, logbook servicing, break and clutch repair, roadside assistance, fleet services and so on. At Auto Lube, we are supported by state-of-the-art technology and skilled manpower, capable of attending to all your mechanical needs. We constantly upgrade our equipment and mechanics to cater to the emerging needs of the automobile industry. Fleet services is one of the most sought-after services at Auto Lube. We have a specialised team that attends to the holistic requirements of fleet vehicles, round the clock. Besides emergency assistance in case of a break-down, puncture or accident, we also on board a plethora of services such as Lube Oil and Filter Changes, Gear work, Preventive maintenance, Electrical repairs, suspension and break repairs, and more. Auto Lube takes weekly and monthly contracts for large fleets which makes it easier for fleet managers to ensure that their vehicles are in optimum condition.

Benefits of Fleet Service

  1. Consistency – It is always better to onboard a fleet service option if you have a large fleet as they will maintain, repair and service your vehicles on time, ensuring that they ready to at any point.
  2. Cost Effective – When you sign up with a service provider for long term, they will be able to offer services at a subsidised rate.
  3. 24/7 – Fleet services offer emergency repair and assistance to you while on the go. This saves time from hunting for the nearest service station.
  4. Equipped – They come with all the necessary tools and equipment required for your fleet and over time, they are able to automatically do what is necessary for the fleet.